The focus of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) is to coordinate strategies regarding processes, technology, and employees within a company.

Governance regards how a company’s executives implement ethical and effective management techniques across their business and employees. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) identifies how potential risks relating to the organization’s operations and competitive positioning can be cost-effectively mitigated. Lastly, compliance relates to how effectively the company can comply with regulations that govern data retention and general business operations and practices.

Establishing strong Corporate GRC permits a company to:

  • Prioritize and comprehend the expectations of stakeholders
  • Set objectives that consider potential risks and are congruent with company values
  • Achieve goals while optimizing risk profiles and the company’s mission
  • Operate within internal, ethical, contractual and legal boundaries

At Darmacorp Consulting, our Partners help companies minimize operational and regulatory risks, providing them with ongoing advice. They understand local legislation and provide strategies for appropriate corporate governance. Subjects like company law, corporate policies, codes of conduct, and shareholder engagements are all part of their extensive range of focuses.

Three focuses of Corporate GRC involve:

  1. Corporate Counsel
  2. Entity Formation and Corporate Structuring
  3. Corporate Litigation