At Darmacorp Consulting, we understand that launching licensed businesses is never an easy feat. Without adequate support, precious resources like time and capital can be wasted if Government procedures are not followed correctly. Our Team is focused on streamlining your structuring process to minimize risk and get you off the ground as quickly as possible.

Establishing your business is only the first step to legitimizing your company’s operations. Our partners at Darmacorp Consulting are at your full disposal to guarantee that you can lead your team optimally and effectively.

To get functioning, a variety of documents need to be procured first. Our consultants can assist you in obtaining these articles and will keep you on track during the formation process. Examples of necessary documentation include:

  • Certificate of Company Registration
  • Issuance of Trade Business License
  • Construction Service Permit
  • Corporate Business Certification

In addition to proper certification, you need to establish the most appropriate business structure for your company. The four most common business types in Indonesia include:

  • Limited Company (PT / LLC)
  • Commanditaire Vennootschap (CV)
  • Foundation
  • Cooperative

Our skilled professionals will recommend suitable models based on your company’s configuration and main objectives, ensuring that you are on the right trajectory for growth.